10 Summer Activities

10 Summer Activities

Summer is well upon us, and there are plenty of different activities to do while the Sun is at full power. Here are ten fun things to do throughout July and August.

10. Spend Some Time with Animals

Let your pets know how much you love them. Provide a bird feeder or bath for local wildlife. Make your animals a few protective amulets or charms. We made simple hand-drawn ones for our pets and taped them beneath their food dishes.

9. Use Summer Herbs

Get to know St. John’s Wort, Rue, Woodbine, Lavender, Vervain, and any other herbs associated with the summer months. Incorporate them into your home or a ritual if you wish.

8. Peer Into the Future

Try a hand at scrying with a mirror, or use an outdoor water source. It’s always fun to visit a professional palm reader or psychic as well.

7. Make Some Dutch Hex Signs

These gorgeous symbols are not for “hexing,” but for protection. Try to paint one yourself, or look up one online that you like and either paint one based on it—or buy it. We’ve been meaning to paint some on the underside of our porch roof for years. Maybe it’s time to do it this summer! Some common associations are stars for luck, rain for fertility, and hearts for love.

6. Get Hitched

Getting married during the fertile summer months is a pretty popular tradition. Even if you don’t want to or don’t believe in marriage, you can affirm your love and devotion—to a friend, a partner, a child, or even the Earth—through a lovely summer ceremony.

5. Make Solar Symbols

Yellow is the color of the season, and celebrating the Sun and all of its glory and what it provides is the theme. Craft yourself a small yellow ring or token to wear out of yellow baking clay. Draw sun signs in your yard in the dirt to attract the sun’s bountiful rays.

4. Make Solar Foods

Sunflower breads, ripe summer berries and watermelon, delicious homemade lemonade, and anything fresh and seasonal from your local farmer’s market or garden will be delicious this time of year. Have a picnic and share with loved ones.

3. Camp Out

Enjoy nature and all of its wonders while you pitch a tent or sleep under the stars. Be sure to take only photographs and leave only footprints!

2. Find a Fairy Ring

We were blessed to have one grow around our Bradford Pear Tree this year! If you do find a ring of mushrooms, be sure to not eat any unless you are positive of their safety—and teach children to do the same.

1. Make a Sun Catcher

Bask in the glow of the sun even when you’re indoors with a pretty sun catcher. These are great activities for both adults and children.