10 Things to Do This Spring

10 Things to Do This Spring

Spring is here! The crocuses are peeking up at us, the daffodils are bending toward the sun, and the sun itself is greeting us with longer days and warmer weather. If you’ve been ready for spring all winter, it’s time to really start making those plans and enjoying spring of 2010. Here are 10 fun things you might want to add to your to-do list.

10. Spring Cleaning

Okay, while this one isn’t the most fun, it’s definitely needed after a long winter’s stay indoors. And who’s to say you can’t make it fun? My daughter and I love smudging every month, arranging things for optimal feng shui, and creating new washes and incenses to use. And while the actual nuts and bolts of cleaning may not be so enjoyable, visualizing, telling stories, or even dancing while doing it can certainly be.

9. Make a Toad Home

These are incredibly easy to make and well worth it in your garden. Keep the insect population down while you welcome these fun little bumpy buddies into your yard.

8. Bless Your Home

Renew any old blessings or start some new ones. We like to put five shiny new pennies beneath our door mat every season to ensure financial stability, and I renew the salt from the pouches on our doorknobs to keep all of the negative stuff at bay.

7. Make a Fairy House

These might be traditionally more popular around Midsummer, but they are a fun, simple craft that you can use to beautify your garden once it’s ready for the new season. And speaking of which…

6. Make Your Dream Garden

If you always wanted a butterfly bush or a hummingbird garden, now is the time to plan it out and get ready to create some beauty! We checked out Sharon Lovejoy’s Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots from the library and I heartily recommend it for creating some amazing projects, from “pizza” and nibble gardens to full sunflower forts.

5. Celebrate Ostara

While the holiday has technically passed, you still have between now and Easter to catch up if you missed it. (Daylight Saving Time often has a way of making us behind around this time of year!) For some really yummy recipes to whip up with those eggs you dye (we blow ours out and decorate hollow eggs), check out Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions.

4. Plant Your Bean Runes

If you made runes during Samhain, now is the time to plant them. You’ll have some tasty rewards to reap, and you can make a new set this year to repeat the cycle next year.

3. Start Planning Beltane

If you were behind on your Ostara stuff this year (ahem, like yours truly), you might want to start planning your Beltane already. This year I’m hoping to invest in lots of seasonal books; one that I’d like to check out for Beltane is Raven Grimassi’s Beltane: Springtime Rituals, Lore, and Celebration.

2. Plan a Pagan Journey

Do you have somewhere that’s considered sacred near to where you live? Perhaps you’d like to walk a labyrinth, or simply commune with nature on a family (or solitary) camping trip. Now is the time to block out that time in your calendar and start making preparations.

1. Celebrate Every Day

While we dust off our t-shirts, bask in the sun and welcome spring, we can celebrate every day by following the path that nature provides us with. Enjoy the fresh flowers, take time to really experience the season, and share it with your loved ones.