No, Christmas Isn’t Really About Christ

No, Christmas Isn’t Really About Christ

So Please Stop with the Whining and Outrage

What’s always been funny to me is how so many of the people who don’t trust the government—the very ones who are against socialistic healthcare (but seem to be okay with it for the military, Medicare, schools, etc., I guess, since they’re all socialist in our country), and who stockpile guns and live on conspiracy theories and want to live in caves to protect themselves from the New World Order—are the very same people who put so much trust into religious leaders. And the ones who don’t trust religious leaders, of course, want more government, generally speaking.

I say don’t trust either side of the same damn coin. Both sides want to control you—though I doubt to the extent that you think. So stop drinking the kool-aid!

I am just so sick of people whining about saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” because they’re so damn intolerant that they can’t acknowledge any other holiday—including the one that Christmas is really based on, which is the winter solstice (or Yule, as modern pagans call it), and has abso-frickin-lutely nothing to do with Christ and everything to do with assimilating pagans into Christianity. In fact, Christ, if he existed, was likely born in September. So if you want a “Jesus Birthday Party,” have one then, and leave the Winter Solstice out of it.

Please stop with the disgusted nature of your comments; do you know what’s disgusting? Killing people and re-naming their holidays (Easter, Christmas, the whole shebang; why else would you have all those fertility symbols, also known as bunnies and eggs?) something to follow your own culture in order to wipe theirs out—and then pretending it didn’t even happen!

Stop with the whole America being founded on Christian blah-blah-blah; John Stewart explains that our founding fathers couldn’t have cared less—except for, in fact, outlawing the holiday—much better (and funnier) than I can. Stop with your goofy outrage over something that you’re not only wrong about, but silly to be angry over. Couldn’t you be angry over something important, like, I don’t know, starving children, rampant homophobia leading to suicide, the crappy economy, premature babies, the destruction of the environment…should I go on? Really, if this is ALL you have to complain about, then you must be one lucky jerk.

In the meantime, my family and I have ceased calling the holiday Christmas. We’re calling it Yule, or winter solstice, or simply happy holidays… and I would encourage you to honestly do the same.