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10 Things to Do for Beltane

It’s that time of year again—when the gorgeous May flowers are either blooming or about to bloom, the sun is warming the backs of our necks, and the promise of another summer is in the air. Beltane is just around the corner. Here are a few ways you can celebrate, either this weekend or throughout the month of May.

10. Dance Around the Maypole

Who doesn’t love doing this? Dress up in your favorite period costumes, or don your favorite god and goddess symbols and colors. Invite the neighborhood or simply have a fun time as a family. Even if you don’t have a Maypole you can still dance your heart out!

9. Create a Fairy House

If you didn’t do this during Ostara, you can definitely do it for Beltane when the fairies are out to play! Have a fairy tea party with your children or your best friends if you like as well. Don’t forget to leave a little milk for the fairies!

8. Create a Swing

In Lithuania, the spring festival Jores takes place around Beltane. It is traditional to build a swing in the forest and take turns swinging. If you don’t have a forest near you, a backyard swing will work—or simply visit a playground and have some fun.

7. Celebrate the Green Man

The God is often represented as the Green Man during Beltane. I’m working on a Green Man mandala to hang in our home; try creating your own Green Man painting, sculpture, or other art. You can also purchase one from your favorite pagan supply store.

6. Fall in Love with Love

Beltane is the holiday of love and fertility—a time to celebrate romance and your favorite gods and goddesses of love! Make a date night with your partner sometime soon. Create art around Aphrodite, Maia, Oshun, or your favorite love goddess. Hang hearts up or place something special that symbolizes love to you on your altar.

5. Create a Beltane Altar

Speaking of your altar, jazz it up for Beltane with some fresh flowers, fairy symbols, and anything else you like.

4. Discuss Love

If you have children, talk about what love means to them. Ask about the different kinds of love in the world. Is it possible to love everyone? With older children, talk about the responsibility that comes with intimate, romantic love. Discuss birth control options if you think it’s necessary and appropriate.

3. Bless Your Mother

What is more creative and fertile in the world than the Great Mother? Honor the mothers in your life with flowers or plants, gifts, time, or a poem from the heart.

2. Make Flower Crafts

From May wreaths to baskets, those little daisy chains we made as children to coloring with dandelions, incorporate flower art into your life.

1. Honor Your Own Fertility

If you are hoping to birth something in your life—weather it is art, abundance, a child, or anything you’d like to manifest—create a Dream Board with pictures of the thing you’d like in your life. Hold a ritual to honor the creativity that blooms in you right now. Honor yourself with a creative day each week and simply create.