May 2009

Welcome to the Pagan Journey

If you identify with paganism, are just interested in different philosophies and traditions, or are plainly curious, join us on the pagan journey. Here we will explore the many facets of paganism, including different paths and traditions people take, “eclectic” paganism in which people mix and match their own traditions, and everything in between.

Pagan news, rituals, meditations, different gods, goddesses and mythologies… Wicca, shamanism, druidism, and folk religions of all kinds are all welcome here. Post your news stories, images, resources, knowledge, odes to the god/goddess of your choice, and anything else pagan.

Paganism literally means “country dweller,” and encompasses many different belief systems and cultures. One thing that most pagans have in common is that they are typically polytheistic (believe in multiple gods and/or goddesses), though some pagans do consider themselves Christians. Most pagans also have some kind of connection with nature.