April 2010

10 Things to Do for Beltane

It’s that time of year again—when the gorgeous May flowers are either blooming or about to bloom, the sun is warming the backs of our necks, and the promise of another summer is in the air. Beltane is just around the corner. Here are a few ways you can celebrate, either this weekend or throughout the month of May.

10. Dance Around the Maypole

Who doesn’t love doing this? Dress up in your favorite period costumes, or don your favorite god and goddess symbols and colors. Invite the neighborhood or simply have a fun time as a family. Even if you don’t have a Maypole you can still dance your heart out!

9. Create a Fairy House

Number 7 birthmark

I am very interested to know anyones thoughts on something.
I have a tiny birthmark on my right arm. It is a perfect number "7."
I have been researching it but can find no accounts of anyone else with one. It does seem though that the number 7 is extremely significant in Wiccan/Pagan beliefs. I did begin to learn about Wicca about 12 years ago, so it does interest me. I have also just met someone very special who is a praticing Wiccan and it feels like I was supposed to meet her.
Dunno if all this sounds a bit crazy but would love to hear any thoughts, cos I believe this 7 is supposed to mean something!
Many many thanks =)