December 2010

Handmade Yule Decorations

If you’re scrambling to put together some lovely homemade gifts for Yule/Christmas, have no fear; there are plenty of things to bake, make, or take to your loved ones (or to decorate your own home with) this holiday. Here are some simple handmade gifts you can give next week.

Clove Apples: Buy some fresh apples, along with a jar or two of cloves. Poke holes all over the apple with a sharp object first to make it easier, or to pre-make the holes for children. Push a clove into each hole until the whole piece of fruit is covered in them. This results in a lovely, fragrant decoration that will also stay preserved. Use a glue gun to loop a ribbon on top of the fruit so it can hang as an ornament, or simply give it in a box to set out with other holiday potpourri.