March 2011

Celebrating Ostara

Though yesterday marked the first day of spring, the whole week is usually used for celebrating in our home. We absolutely love spring, even though it seems like the shortest season lately. The Midwest in general seems to have huge winters and summers, with tiny springs and falls lately, which is really too bad, since these milder times of the year offer so much for us to do and explore. Here are some ideas to use for celebrating both Ostara and spring in general.

Sam and Dean Go After the Witches

After being so obsessed with Supernatural I threw an actual fit when my latest Netflix disc didn’t work and I had to wait—oh noes!—two whole days before being able to watch disc 2 of season 3, I’ve decided to take a brief hiatus from the show for a few days. Then, I’ll slowly start watching them again because, let’s face it, I’m going through them like a single can of Pringles. Sure, I want to catch up to season 6 as soon as I can so I can catch them on TV, but why rush when the season’s near its ending anyway? I can just get it on Netflix, too.