April 2011

Beltane Blog Contest at Witch School International

Calling all witchy people who’d like to have some free spending money from Witch School International: can you write? Do you have something cool to talk about regarding Beltane? If so, you might just want to enter the WSI Beltane Blog Contest.

All you have to do is write a blog on the main blog page at Witchschool.com. It must be written sometime in the month of April in order to qualify. Your blog can be about anything you wish as long as it isn’t offensive—no swearing, promotion of racism, etc.

Then, you promote your blog. Get friends and other WSI members to click the “Like” button to vote for your blog. The blog with the most “Likes” will win! Winners will be picked on May 5, and the top blog will win $100 to spend at the WSI store (which is filled with so many delightful goodies). Second and third place will consist of $50 and $25, respectively.

Daily Deity: Kali

The other night while we were watching Supernatural, my husband and I saw the Hindu goddess Kali portrayed by a beautiful dark-skinned woman. She was in charge of leading the fight against the Apocalypse, and wanted to use the main characters of the show as bargaining chips.

I understood the modernization of her, but she really did not seem like Kali to me at all. Where was her belt made with human heads, her multi-arm stance with multiple swords? Okay, maybe they will depict her ferocity when she fights, I thought; but no. All they did was make her arms turn into fire, which wasn’t very impressive at all.

Your Daily Deity at Pagan Journey

Here at Pagan Journey, we’d like to start hosting a deity of the day. Every day, check in to see who the deity is—or write about a god, goddess, or even a mythological character of your choice. We can learn about these deities, share information and links, create new rituals and ways to celebrate the gods and goddesses, or just get inspired.

Some of the greatest art comes from spirituality. If you create a song, a video, a painting, or even a poem, share it here with the rest of the Pagan Journey community. Feel free to really express yourself, or even interpret a classic piece of art in a new way. Links from YouTube, Deviant Art, and other websites are welcome, as are embedded pieces. Be sure to include a caption with your art to express what it means or what inspired your piece.