July 2011

What Do You Consider to Be Pagan Family Values?

It’s funny how Christians that claim “family values” are their top priorities often don’t really support family values, like gay marriage—which could really help families out—or the environment, where their families, you know, live and stuff. What’s just as funny is that once they hear that you are not a Christian, many of them automatically believe that you do not support family values, either.

I, however, would maintain that most pagan values are family values, and that such assumptions are ridiculous. Most pagans value both the masculine and the feminine in life—everything from people to elements to the very spirit we contain in our own hearts—which should be considered a family value (though not something that excludes androgyny; in fact, the presence of both, to some of us, supports androgyny better than the public in general already does, if at all). Most pagans support all marriages, all forms of love, and all of nature and the world itself—things that all families would also do well to support.

When I ran across this blog about pagan family values, I had to smile because it was so true. This family keeps their own set of family values, which is personal and unique—as family values should be. Wholesome movies and apple pie and whatever else is being toted as “family values” by the general masses feels rather hollow and meaningless when compared to your own family’s values or ethics system. (I prefer both of these words to “morals,” which implies a religious code to follow to me, but some may prefer that instead.)