June 2012

"Paganing While Brown"

Has anyone else ever encountered such racism in the pagan community?

The About Paganism/Wicca channel of About.com has always been a supportive, friendly community and a safe space for all pagans. Though I don’t really participate in discussions, I subscribe to them and get plenty of ideas, fun activities, and rituals to do at home from this website and appreciate all it has to offer.

Recently a highly bigoted person named Silvia commented that Wicca should be left to white folks only—and that it’s the only place where white pride can still happen. Seriously?? The lovely Patti Wigington, the About.com guide at the Paganism/Wicca space, handled this comment gracefully with humor and appropriate outrage here. I have never heard of such a notion in the pagan community; I really don’t know many pagans personally, but those I do are so accepting of everyone and open-minded that this, to me, is an even scarier notion. If white power prejudice exists in the pagan community at all (even in a small amount), how can we expect to eradicate the rest of the world from this very hate?