September 2012

Happy Mabon!

Here are dozens of ways to celebrate fall.

It’s time to celebrate my favorite season—fall! From the changing colors of the leaves to the apple cider and of course, Halloween, there’s nothing to NOT love about fall (except allergies for many of us, unfortunately!). Here are a bunch of ways to celebrate.

Apples, apples, apples! Here is a list of ways to love apples, from geography and other lessons, recipes, and other fun activities.

Grab a Harvest Time curriculum. If you teach preschool or kindergarten, or if you just want some good fall activities inspired by Waldorf philosophy to use at home with your kids, here is a great free curriculum to download. It includes field trip ideas, books to read (both fiction and nonfiction), activities, art projects, and more!

Spicy Apple Bread: Shakesville is my favorite source for news and biting social commentary, but today the site is hosting a bunch of delicious fall recipes. Get this spicy apple bread recipe as well as links to others.